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A recent Gallup poll reported that, for the first time in history, a majority of Americans (53%) now think same-sex marriage should be legal. While a UCLA study this year determined that a mere 3.5% of Americans consider themselves gay or lesbian, Gallup found that more than half of Americans perceive the gay and lesbian population to be as much as 25 percent. According to Dr. Michael Brown’s new book A Queer Thing Happened to America, this major disparity in perception, as well as the phenomenal increase in sympathy toward Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgender lifestyles (GLBT), is due to a stealth agenda that has infiltrated the entertainment industry, corporate America, our elementary schools, and especially our college campuses.

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  1. Mona
    Mona says:

    As much as I have gone over the Torah and the commandments… no where do I find the specific passage where Elohim hates Homosexuals… What I do find is that he hates the acts of the Homosexuals. I also personally believe that marriage is for a man and a woman ONLY! If they want to have a civil ceremony or common law, then that is up to them.

  2. Mitzi Green
    Mitzi Green says:

    G-d does not write a New Torah for man’s lifestyle with each new generation. From the beginning he speaks of homosexuality as an abomination.We dont get to pick and choose what we wish to beleive in G-d own written word. His Word is STONE it is never changing and never ending. People are trying to justify sin these days with changing G-ds word to fit THEIR lifestyle.Thats a road to HELL !
    No one wants to hear about sin & judgement ,its all about this ‘Feel Good” society . Hell is real ,sin is real,and so is Judgement ,you cant teach one and leave out the other ,this is the TRUTH of the word .
    Yeshua warned us that many will be deceived ,

  3. C. Hill
    C. Hill says:

    Politically, the GLBT movement has tried to make this a civil rights issue in comparing it to the struggle of black Americans, which it is not. It is a morality & values issue. Colin Powell made one of the best statements I have heard on this subject. He said: “Skin color is a benign, non-behavioral characteristic. Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of human behavioral characteristics. Comparison of the two is a convenient but invalid argument.”

  4. Michael
    Michael says:

    God calls these sexual deviants an abomination in his sight and has reserved a special place in hell for them and others that won’t believe and obey His Word! However it is our responsibility as Christians / Messianic Jews to go unto all the world and preach the gospel (the truth) and help them to see their wicked ways, repent and be restored to the flock, for the truth will set them free. It’s high time we step out of the boat and our comfort zones and be strong, be bold and speak the truth to all we meet daily. Continue to pray for our leaders and our country that they too might be set free!

  5. Miryam
    Miryam says:

    I believe that the homosexual act and cultivation of the homosexual lifestyle is contrary to YHVH’s Torah. It is a sin, as is every violation of Torah. At the same time, I recognise that the USA is not a theocracy, and I do not expect that the unregenerate will live a Torah observant life. Even believers fall short of the mark. Further, while I believe that the Almighty hates the *sin,* I am certain that He loves the sinner, and I know that His desire is that all would be saved. As believers, we need to demonstrate love toward all, including homosexuals, and we need live a life of witness before them that will enable us to share the gospel. I *do* believe that homosexuals are entitled to the same civil rights as everyone else, and should not be discriminated against. However, in my understanding, marriage–as defined biblically–is a the union of one man and one woman. Homosexuality is not a natural act but one of the symptoms of a fallen world and corrupted imago dei.

  6. Kizzie
    Kizzie says:

    God does not hate any of His creation but Satan does!
    The homosexual act is what is abominable to our God not the individual. The mindsets of mankind need regeneration through the word of God and through believer’s exhibiting the love of God to each other and to those who are outside of the believing household of faith.

  7. Michelle Ann
    Michelle Ann says:

    Hate the sin, love the sinner. Do not promote the lifestyle. Personally, I have several friends that have been delivered from the homosexual lifestyle. They didn’t walk away from it because people beat them over the head with the Bible to change their minds. Their change was brought about by people who loved them through God’s Word and helped them find the root cause that brought them into the lifestyle in the first place. By finding the root they were able to seek Yeshua for healing. That stands to true for every hurt/habit/hangup/addiction that afflicts everyone of us. Love covers a multitude of sins, I pray I walk in His love each day, because I might be the only Torah/Yeshua a person ever encounters.

  8. Jan Erickson
    Jan Erickson says:

    I do believe that homosexuality is a sin and so are all of the desires of our flesh… with all of us the flesh needs to die and we need to pray for all who are surrendering to the desires of the flesh…..when the HOLY SPIRIT enters your Spirit, our desires start to change and as JESUS grew & waxed strong so will HIS SPIRIT in us and our only desire becomes that of our SPIRIT…to love GOD with all our heart, soul, spirit & body and love one another and HE makes us HOLY as HE is HOLY…..You must be born again…..

  9. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments about homosexuality in general; however, I would like to hear your thoughts as they pertain to the institutionalization and normalization of homosexuality in America.

    • Mona
      Mona says:

      Hi Kevin

      I think that the Instutionalization and normalization of the Homosexual agenda is getting waaay out of hand. It’s one thing to let them to have their jobs, housing and healthcare, But I draw the line when they start forcing their lifestyle and agenda onto everyone else. They don’t need to be teaching it in ANY school.

  10. Ron Hill
    Ron Hill says:

    We need to keep in mind that in our generation, as it is written, the righteous will become more righteous and the unrighteous more unrighteous. As followers of Messiah, our first priority of thinking is to be more concerned about Elohim thinks of us, His people, and not man.

    If there is need to be vocal on any position, then The Most High will give us the words to speak at that time.

  11. Steve Gordon
    Steve Gordon says:

    “righteousness exault a nation but sin is a reproach” so help us God. We should not be surprise that this lifestyle is being perpetuated. We were warned not only biblically but by a book that was written and published in 1776 titled ‘ The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire’. What took Rome 1200 years to collaspe, the United States is doomed in less than 300 years. Homosexuality was lifestyle then as it is now as one of the causes among many for the Fall. Yes! there is hope only in God but, personally I do not hink that is going to happen until our Messiah returns. And until then we can only offer the message of the Gospel to all that are lost through compassion and care and truth.

  12. Ellie Bates
    Ellie Bates says:

    I believe that we are created male and female in God’s image. Homosexuality slanders that image of God and makes it into something it is not. A lie. I believe we need to fight against the homosexual agenda and pray for and reach out to the people who have been duped into believing that it’s okay and normal.

  13. Steve
    Steve says:

    America, you are NOT alone with these thoughts & Gov’t ‘push’ for the so-called equal rights… We here in Australia are facing the same nonsense being pushed, particularly by the ‘Greens’… The Gov’t here is in ‘bed’ with the ‘Greens’ you see so anything could happen! Who would have ever thought that the so-called ‘environmental movement’ would ever have such an agenda. They like most Pollies, are in it for the ‘power’ & the push to legalize all ‘alternative lifestyles’ & call into question every established sane, & Biblical mandate. i.e they want to be God because apparently, He’s out of touch with the times. His Sanctified Laws of righteousness & right living no longer counts. Don’t we all know now – haven’t you read it – it’s all relative ‘now’ any way! Well here’s what I say to that – NOT ON MY WATCH… America, pray & speak to your elected. Let them know the truth!

  14. Edward J Vanek Jr
    Edward J Vanek Jr says:

    The institutionalization and normalization of homosexuality in America is a scarey commentary on the future of the United States and a sad commentary on us as believers because we are the problem; the ones who are called by His Name. We need to humble ourselves, pray, and turn from our wicked ways. Then He will come and heal our land. Seriously, we are supposed to be walking a path that is following our Messiah. Then, we will be the light that attracts or exposes, and then, we can speak the truth to those that are attracted to that light in the same attitude that was demonstrated by our Messiah. One plants the seed, another waters, but God gives the increase.

  15. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    Hi Kevin:
    When we refused to accept homosexuality as “normal”, we began to see “little” regulations forcing acceptance in education and economic venues. These were ‘little” easy-to-swallow bites of lies from regulatory agencies that could bypass legislative bodies (ie, voters) to change perceptions. Once the people lost the will to resist, legislation followed. That’s where we are now — public objection has been muted by incremental exposure to the idea (that homosexuality is “normal”) so now legislation can sweep through and be permanently codified in our lives.

    The enemy of our souls rarely succeeds with full-on frontal assault – but he does have the patience to work incrementally and he doesn’t back off and go home when he has a set-back. He approaches from another angle. The call to us as believers has always been the same: eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. We cannot exchange comfort and security for promises of government largesse. Homosexuality is just one more devious idea that American Christians have allowed to make inroads because we didn’t resist the “little” bites that started a generation (or more) ago.

    Can we turn it back? Of course, but not by expecting to make one legislative sweep to reverse the law. It will require re-educating everyone around us – incrementally, if you will – in principles of Torah. Torah is the basis for all good government and was the cornerstone for every expression of liberty that built this nation. But we must abandon the idea that we can rise up, make a single sweeping change and go home to live our lives. As soon as we step away, the enemy creeps back in to plant his weeds of destruction.

    I believe we are teaching these truths in many of our churches. Now we, as believers, must be applying them in our spheres of influence: our homes, our neighborhoods and our workplaces. I know from experience that the Truth is received as Wisdom where confusion now reigns. And in the process, God-willing, and with a covering of constant prayer, we will begin to make the incremental changes for righteousness that will return true liberty to this land.

  16. Mary
    Mary says:

    The Liberal Left has been “nudging” the rest of us into their agenda..when we resist, they begin to push and shove to the point of tantrums and out right violence.

    To take away parental decision about what children will learn in school (referring to California’s decision to require children BE TAUGHT about G/L/T people and contributions in school) is a definite slap across the face of Lady Liberty and everyone’s Rights!

    The original argument of “separation f Church and State” was in reference to each State was “choosing” one faith [al la King George]…ie Massachusetts would be Catholic; New York would be Methodist; Pennsylvania would be Quaker….the Original Intent was to say that No State Would ~~Choose~~ **who** could live in that State regardless of faith…..and we (as a Nation) have done well by THAT.

    Then along comes the Progressives who like to undermine everything, and “the Church & State argument “is distorted.

    So it is with this G/L/T issue…..initially, they wanted to be treated “the same”…so when they accomplished that they then moved to another issue….and they have the Liberal backing which has made a mockery of any and all traditional (read: Biblical) values.

    They seem to forget that messing with God’s LAWS has strong consequences…ie Sodom & Gomorrah and salt!…

    Not to mention that literally forcing their lifestyle on others will eventually be seen for what it is: morally reprehensible.

    I do not want anyone yapping about their PRIVATE life at my work….(except for superficialities) – I don’t need nor want the details nor the drama. That goes for ANY gender talking about details and drama of their private life.

    It is not appropriate in the work place; school; or church.

    On a personal level….if you happen to be close friends with someone and they choose to want to share their life’s tales/woes/joys, hopefully it will be done in a respectful manner and in a place other than work/school/church. Respectful of all parties involved.

    There is entirely too much drama regarding the G/L/T….especially at work, and at times I cringe as I watch the attention-seeking behaviors which only serve to diminish their stature in other’s eyes. They appear to be not aware of how they are being perceived, and how foolish they look to others.

    Further, I have noted that anyone who dares to state “That is more information than I need to know” is taken to task by the G/L/T person. The “respect” appears to be only ONE WAY: Their Way! Inequitable, to say the least. Intrusive, manipulative, and very disrespectful, at best.

    I am not out to try and “change” their thinking – I believe that is a personal decision for them to make. I do NOT want to be dragged into the drama, and if I had children in grade school or high school, I would be extremely vocal that I do not agree. I do not agree with this anymore than I would agree to teach boys how to be a pimp or girls to be prostitutes. NOT APPROPRIATE!! Families need to be supported and not further “nudged” into Big Government Knows Best.

  17. Frank
    Frank says:

    Some posters have said God hates sin but not sinners. The Bible, however, shows that God hates some sinners.

    “For you are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness; evil cannot remain with you. Those who brag cannot stand before your eyes, you hate all who do evil, you destroy those who tell lies, ADONAI detests men of blood and deceivers” (Tehillim 5:5-7 Complete Jewish Bible). “ADONAI tests the righteous; but he hates the wicked and the lover of violence” (Tehillim 11:5 CJB).

    Even in the Brit Chadashah we read, “Whoever trusts in the Son has eternal life. But whoever disobeys the Son will not see that life but remains subject to God’s wrath” (Yochanan 3:36 CJB); thus, God’s wrath falls on everyone who rejects the Son.

    When witnessing, I don’t presume to know which people God hates. I give them all the benefit of the doubt by showing Yeshua’s love as I go. Still, I recognize that people who reject the love of the truth can cross a line where God starts sending them strong delusion so that they will believe the Lie and be condemned (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). According to Romans 1:24-32, homosexuality and lesbianism are symptoms in people who have exchanged God’s truth for falsehood; therefore, it’s a miracle that homosexuals and lesbians ever repent. Praise God that some do repent! (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

  18. Derek 1
    Derek 1 says:

    Well, after my nephew and niece “came out” it took way less than 1 second to decide I’m not making a scene about it, our relationships go forth unchanged, and with time they have been very unwavering that that is how they are made, it is no “choice”, they have never been attracted to opposites, and checking around, it seems that the % of this who have found true, lasting healing thru prayer, counciling, anointing with oils, exorcism even ?, runs around 1%. The human sexuality line is not extreme straight on one end and extreme gay on other, but a true continuum all the way between. The brain is a very complex thing and I would not venture guesses at “nature or nurture”, but suspect both together. Reverse this to the vast majority are born gay lesbian. You are hetero and always have been hetero. You grow up with people telling you that G-d made a mistake, G-d hates you. That what you’ve always been is wrong. You are going to Hell. You get beat up in school and rolled on the streets. Murdered just for being stuck in hetero-land. You sneak around to spend time with your special someone. You cannot hold hands in public. Laws say that you cannot be legally connected, if on life support, your S.O. cannot be the one to tell others your wishes. It is difficult to buy a house together and difficult to get child support when done with relationship. If you turn the world around and think of it in these terms, what would you do, seriously ?? Would you try to deny your sexuality as a human being, hormones, feelings of great loneliness and live a celibate life by yourself and also try very much to follow the Bibles instructions to never self-pleasure ?? Being this group, you would likely they everything for healing, but you just cannot find your way to that illusive 1% or 2% who get permanent healing. And so many religious groups are spewing hatred at you, quoting Scrioture at you, shunning you, would you feel drawn to G-d and His followers and then be able to find “The Truth, The Way, The Life” for all of eternity ? This is what I tell all my nieces & nephews and now great nieces and nephews, “Judge not lest ye be judged. G-d has ALL the power in the universe available at any moment to handle other people and their issues. I am instructed to examine the complete wood plank in my eye, and not be picking at the specs of wood dust in my neighbors eyes. 80 years on earth is a very short amount of time compared to eternity. What we must be doing is “Billy Grahaming” others, and not just gays and lesbians, how about heteros living together sans marriage, how many of you grouse about that equally to the gay issue ? Grahaming them giving them the opportunity to get and be forever, saved by the power of Yeshua HaMashiach’s innocent blood of atonement. THEN the Holy Spirit comes to life inside of the saved and can guide and change them from the inside out”. That’s what I tell the younger crowd. NOTHING is more important than eternity. If G-d has big trouble with two gays being in love and forming a family and committed to each other long term, then G-d has the power to stop that one way or another. I am not worrying one hair grayer over other people and what they do in the privacy of their own homes with consenting adults and that Includes heteros who choose to live together sans marriage. The main thing is to not drive these people away so that they never hear “The Message of Yeshua” and never get the chance at being “saved” for all of eternity. Nothing for 80 years on earth is as important as eternity in the best place !! Go forth, L-O-V-E is the number one command of the Holy Scripture, isn’t it ? Go forth, “Billy Graham” as many people as you can, then see what the Holy Spirit brings about. Please do not drive others away with words of strife and hatred. “WWJD”, go out and minister to the needy, ignoring the Holier than thou, regular church and Synagogue attenders. Please ignore typos that may have crept in, this iPad is famous for such, and cannot go back and edit. G-D’s blessings to you, be kind and gentle towards all others.

  19. Bettye
    Bettye says:

    The normalization of homosexuality has already been accomplished in the U.S. I believe that we need to live such holy, righteous, and loving lives before all people (no matter their sin) that every one we come into contact with, will want to know the One whom we serve. Surely as the darkness grows darker, those who truly love Yeshua will shine brighter. And those whose hearts are quickened by the Holy Spirit will repent of their sins and choose to follow Him with undivided hearts.
    If we intercede for the lost ( no matter the sin) , the Lord will answer our prayer.

  20. Tim
    Tim says:

    The issue at hand is whether homosexuality is a sin or not. The Bible clearly states, in many passages, that it is a sin. So, if it is a sin it shouldn’t be seen as “normal.” If a person steals we don’t say it’s OK and approve it as a lifestyle. If a person rapes we don’t say that’s their preferred lifestyle so we shouldn’t prevent them from what they like to do. I’m sure you can see the examples could go on and on. This is the problem, society is trying to deny what the Bible says and say it is OK; that homosexuality is not a sin it is “normal” behavior. If fact, it’s not just normal it is preferred if you believe what you see on most TV shows. This issue is already “normalized” like other sins according to our media (adultery, living together without marriage, sexual relations with strangers, and many others). Normalization for these and many others happened a long time ago. For example, Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke were married and had a child but were still not allowed to sleep in the same bed. But, gradually, over time society has come to “accept” these as normal and even expected.

    Our society needs a radical revival–a coast to coast move of the Holy Spirit. Time to pray some more. 🙂

  21. Dan
    Dan says:

    The homosexal agenda is one of the signs of the times. Howver, it is hypocrisy to blast the sin of homosexal acts as being more wicked then other sins. There were other sins that God called ‘abomination’, as well.. If we were to count sins, pride would be at the top with unbelief.
    It bothers me that we treat homosexual sins as if they were worse then the adultery, lies, witchcraft etc. that flood our society. God hates sin—period–and His Son is the remedy.


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