Arise, Reform and Rejoice!

Arise, Reform and Rejoice!

Have you been asleep in the light?
In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, He set in motion a perpetual cycle of seasonal changes. Mankind, then, responded to and lived closely in accordance with those changes—changes many of us can largely ignore today...

The Tongue's Deadly Poison

The Tongue's Deadly Poison

What kind of poison are you spreading?
The tongue—that small, yet powerful instigator—seeks to wield control over our whole being. It finds its fuel in our innermost thoughts and emotions, and then overwhelms our self-control, unleashing its unrighteous destruction upon others. Nevertheless, the tongue has no authority of its own.

Does God Lead Us Into Temptation?

Does God Lead Us Into Temptati

The Pope has reinterpreted Scripture… Is he right?
From Pope Francis' point of view, we are to ask the Father to prevent us from giving in to temptation. The traditional rendering of Matthew 6:13, on the other hand, suggests that God actually leads us into temptation, which is an irreconcilable idea for many. Is the Pope correct in retranslating this verse?



of the New Covenant Scriptures

of the New Covenant Scriptures



The MJLT NCS is a faithful 21st century rendering of the New Testament that restores its true, Messianic Jewish perspective, preserving the original meaning of the ancient authors’ texts.


שלום, Shalom!

Welcome to Perfect Word Ministries online. My name is Kevin Geoffrey, and I am a father, a husband, and a Jewish disciple of the Messiah Yeshua! I am also the principal laborer of Perfect Word Ministries, a Messianic Jewish equipping ministry. The purpose of Perfect Word is to call the Body of Messiah to maturity by teaching the simple application of Scripture for a radically changed life in Yeshua. Coming from a Messianic Jewish perspective, Perfect Word uniquely champions the Scriptures as the fully authoritative, totally sufficient and utterly supreme Word of God. Our goal is to build you up and equip you in your daily walk in Yeshua, making you a more useful and effective disciple of Messiah! Learn more about Perfect Word.

Calling the Body of Messiah to maturity by teaching the simple application of Scripture for a radically changed life in Yeshua

Past Articles

The Tongue: World of the Unrighteousness

One would think that the mouth and the tongue are necessarily subservient to the mind—that one is only capable of saying what he is thinking. But many times—too many times—it seems as if our tongue has a mind of its own. How is such a phenomenon possible? Can our tongues actually speak independently of our minds?

For We All Make Many Stumbles

It can be an exhilarating experience to see something new in the Scriptures—to be reading through or studying a familiar passage, and then suddenly have the words leap off the page and grab our attention, as if for the first time. It is a stirring reminder that the Word of God is alive—that the Scriptures are a thoroughly spiritual document.... But sometimes, some of us will make a dire mistake.

Not by Faith Only

When we say that we have faith in the Mes­siah Yeshua, what we are actually declaring—though we may not realize it—is that we are unable to resist emulating the One in whom we believe… that our beliefs are self-compelled to externalize and manifest themselves through action. We betray that faith, then, when we reduce it to simple thoughts and feelings…

Blood is Thicker than Family

There has never been more precious covenant blood exchanged than that of the Lamb of God—our Master, the Messiah Yeshua. As we partake of the Passover memorial, let us remember what the shed blood of Yeshua bought for us, and bought us for.

The Torah of Liberty—So Speak, and So Do

Exploring the Book of Ya'aqov, Pt. 10 For whoever keeps the whole תּוֹרָה, Torah, and stumbles in one point, has become guilty of breaking it all. For He who is saying, "YOU MUST NOT COMMIT ADULTERY," also said, "YOU MUST NOT MURDER."…