6 Non-negotiable Beliefs for Uniting in Messiah

6 Non-negotiable Beliefs for Uni

Are these the biblical essentials?
What are the minimum beliefs that allow basic fellowship with other believers, and identify each of us as having an essential, biblical faith?

Does Paul Say to Keep Jewish Tradition?

Does Paul Say to Keep Jewish T

Paul says to “hold to the traditions.” What does he mean?
Some say that in addition to God’s word, Paul says we should keep the traditions of Judaism, too. Is that what he really says?

The Narrow Path

The Narrow Path

The salvation is free. The obedience costs us everything.
The price for obedience to God is high indeed, because following Yeshua costs us everything.

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Teaching Biblical Correctness
in a Biblically Incorrect World



a Messianic Jewish Devotional

a Messianic Jewish Devotional



That I May Gain Messiah is a timely, 120-devotional journey through the New Covenant Scriptures that reveals the compassionate yet uncompromising Messiah of Israel—Yeshua.

A timely, 120-devotional journey through
the New Covenant Scriptures.

Calling the Body of Messiah to maturity by teaching the simple application of Scripture for a radically changed life in Yeshua
Calling the Body of Messiah to maturity by teaching the simple application of Scripture for a radically changed life in Yeshua
Calling the Body of Messiah to maturity by teaching the simple application of Scripture for a radically changed life in Yeshua
Our Goal

is to equip both Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua through sound, Scriptural exhortation to uphold God’s word as their solely authoritative standard for life in Messiah.

Our Vision

is to provide teachings from a Messianic Jewish perspective that promote Yeshua-centric, scriptural principles and values, and confront unbiblical beliefs that are hostile to the Scriptures.

We Value

the Scriptures—from the Torah to the New Covenant Writings—above all religions and traditions of man, not to disesteem those traditions, but to elevate the perfect word of God.

Kevin Geoffrey is one of just a handful of God-ordained Teachers producing much-needed discipleship material for the Messianic Jewish Movement. Kevin is a gifted communicator, he is a man of integrity, and I wholeheartedly endorse him and Perfect Word Ministries. My wife and I are privileged to count Kevin and his wife as close personal friends.

As the leader of a Messianic Synagogue, I am very guarded over the kind of literature I make available. When it comes to… Perfect Word, I have complete confidence that the content is biblically sound & spiritually uplifting.

Your recent video [was] absolutely… wow. Spot on and brilliant. You’ve got that certain something as a teacher. You have a unique style in the way you come at the text and point out the obvious. Thanks for pushing us to un-peel the spiritual onion of truth a little better.

Of the very few ministries that I trust, none is held in higher regard than Perfect Word; and of all the teachers there are out there, bringing the message of a Jewish Messiah, there is no one I trust to get it right more than Kevin Geoffrey — I know of no teacher, anywhere, who is more honest and whose integrity outshines Kevin’s devotion to The Perfect Word. I cherish you Kevin…

I feel this is one of the most needed ministries in the world today. Especially in the US. Your teaching is like fresh spring water running through a dry parched desert.

Kevin and his family have most definitely been anointed for this work…. Serious reflections and gut-checks of who you are in Yeshua, and where you stand in your relationship with Elohim.

The market is glutted with books claiming to adhere to Scripture, but I have found no match for Kevin Geoffrey’s honesty, hard truths and passion for God.

Kevin, with his faithfulness to God’s word, conveys the absolute truth. It is sorely missing in many churches today. Thanks be to God for this ministry.

This ministry is the most balanced I have found with its focus on Scripture. I have been blessed by this ministry for many years.

I love how Kevin describes and reminds me how to be deeply in love with Adonai. It’s rare to have this kind of devotional guidance.


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<strong>Kevin Geoffrey</strong>

Kevin Geoffrey

Perfect Word Ministries

שלום, Shalom! My name is Kevin, and I’m a father, a husband, and a Jewish disciple of the Messiah Yeshua! Perfect Word is unlike all other Messianic ministries in the way we uncommonly uphold the Scriptures as the totally sufficient and utterly supreme written, perfect word of God. Our goal, coming from a Messianic Jewish perspective, is to build you up in your daily walk in Yeshua so that you’ll be fully equipped with the truth of the Scriptures.

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