While the Scriptures testify to the deity of the Messiah Yeshua—that He is, in fact, God in the flesh (see perfectword.org/deity)—they also simultaneously assert the Master’s complete and genuine humanity. Affirming His deity, Yeshua embraced the title “Son of God” (cf. John 5:18, 10:22-39 and 19:7), and occasionally referenced His own divine origins (cf. Matthew 22:42-46; Mark 12:35-37; John 3:13, 6:62), but He most often referred to Himself as the “Son of Man.” Apparently, “Son of Man” is an allusion to Daniel 7:13-14, which Yeshua seems to use as an acknowledgment of His role and calling of Messiah—similar to the meaning behind the title “Son of David.” Though neither of these titles are a direct affirmation of the Master’s humanity, both reinforce His interaction and association with humanity, as well as His sharing in our very nature and experience.  Read more

Q: Dear sir, I have been a Bible-believing Christian for over twenty years. Lately, my brother has been debating with me that Jesus has all the qualities of a Savior and that He is the only way to be saved, but says that He was not God incarnate, but only the Son of God. Do all messianic Jews believe this? Could you please give me detailed information as to why, either way? Is Jesus Christ God incarnate, or not, according to Messianic belief? Your time spent in replying to me would be very much appreciated!  Read more