I have this stupid idea that if each of us can stop thinking about ourselves for one minute, and humbly read the Scriptures without imposing our own preconceived ideas, pet theologies and personal preferences on them, that we will agree on the plain, simple truth of the Word of God. In this fantasy world of mine (you know, the one in which I have stupid ideas), even so-called difficult passages of Scripture fail to hinder us, because we no longer stand to lose or gain anything except the ability to know and follow God’s pure and perfect Word. In my enchanted and magical wonderland, we as disciples of Messiah are wholly submitted to the principles and commands of Scripture—no matter what they say, how they make us feel, or the cost that they insist we incur. Read more

The Tainting of Torah, Part 2

Q: Kevin, I so want to obey our Adonai and be faithful to Torah and the rest of His Word, but I feel singly married because my husband, who loves God so much, still wants to go to our church on Sunday (he works on Saturday – Aargh!). Thank you.

A: It’s clear that you feel conflicted between your desire to be faithful to the Torah and your husband’s desire to continue in traditional Christianity. Obviously, it has reached a critical level if you are having feelings of being “singly married.” I empathize with your inner struggle—it is not easy to feel like you are being led by the Master in a way that is contrary to your spouse. That said, may I please make a suggestion that could not only help heal this growing rift in your marriage, but might draw you both closer to the ways of the Master? Trust your husband—who, in your own words, “loves God so much”—to lead you and care for you in this regard. Read more