My Stupid Idea

I have this stupid idea that if each of us can stop thinking about ourselves for one minute, and humbly read the Scriptures without imposing our own preconceived ideas, pet theologies and personal preferences on them, that we will agree on the plain, simple truth of the Word of God. In this fantasy world of mine (you know, the one in which I have stupid ideas), even so-called difficult passages of Scripture fail to hinder us, because we no longer stand to lose or gain anything except the ability to know and follow God’s pure and perfect Word. In my enchanted and magical wonderland, we as disciples of Messiah are wholly submitted to the principles and commands of Scripture—no matter what they say, how they make us feel, or the cost that they insist we incur.

We aren’t concerned, for example, about whether or not Scripture treats people “fairly”—men and women, children and adults, Jews and Gentiles—we just trust that God’s way is fair. And we no longer approach Scripture out-of-balance—exaggerating and ignoring significant parts of it at will—making everything all about the Torah, or the Holy Spirit, or the One New Man, or The Name, or Israel, or even Yeshua (i.e. at the expense of the Father), or any other subject, object, movement or doctrine.

Instead, in this nonsensical dream of mine, we take the Word at its word, neither reading into nor robbing from it according to our own wishes, revelations, self-serving omissions, or self-seeking ends. In this place of my untamed imagination, we love God so much (and ourselves so little) that we don’t care whether what we do, believe, or champion appears to be of any worth whatsoever; whether living for God will make us indescribably happy, or profoundly and utterly miserable. All that matters to us (I whimsically and recklessly muse) is our radical devotion and undying allegiance to Adonai our Savior, and His Word.

But then… I awake and remember: we don’t want to be under God’s authority—just His protection. We don’t want His guidance—just His favor. We don’t want His Word, but we’ll gladly give ear to His Opinion, and weigh it against the amount of inconvenience, discomfort and pride it would cost us to actually abide by what He says.

Of course, we would never admit to such hypocrisy—indeed, most of us would probably insist that we’re complying with the Word just fine. But if that’s so, why aren’t our congregations full of new believers? Why don’t our children remain in the faith as adults?1 Why do barely 1/8th of Christians “believe everything [the Bible] says”?2 Why are rock-star preachers questioning the existence of hell?3 Why are alumni of one of the most respected evangelical colleges in America saying that they “do not believe there is anything wrong with being gay”?4 How did it come to this???

Humble yourself, my brother, my sister—you are not immune. Not only have we been infected by the world’s message of individualism, materialism and self-rule, but we have been willing participants in it—furthering its insidious agenda. That is what the usurping of Scripture’s authority and the exploitation of God’s Word buys us. It’s time to lay our Self down, and let the Word alone tell us what to think and do—accepting at face value its plain, simple teachings, and submitting ourselves only to His ways.

This “Word from Kevin” was previously published in Messianic Jewish Issues.

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  1. Ron Hill
    Ron Hill says:

    The blight in the American “spiritual” scene is the darnel spawned by “Seeker-Friendly” theology of the 1980s which, of course, traces its roots far back to theology and its teachers from times gone by.

    The bottom line is what a friend of ours said years ago-“How we live this life is how we will live in eternity.” In Hebraic thought, “the world to come”.

    Many, though not all, of us who are Torah students of The Master need to scrutinize our thoughts and what we are being taught under the light of Torah, the Prophets, and The Writings including Matthew to Revelation. If we fail to “connect the dots” in what we call the Messianic Movement, we will have become another group in history’s lengthy collection of social clubs with a chaplain.

  2. Regina Ford
    Regina Ford says:

    AMEN!!! Your stupid idea is beautiful…Like Proverbs 30- ” every work of God proves true…don’t add or subtract anything from God’s Word.”

    The LORD doesn’t ask our opinion, He is sovereign and Holy and there is no counsel, might or knowledge that can stand against His Word

  3. Melvin Merritt
    Melvin Merritt says:

    Lad, at my age, 74, I hope you have a thousand more and I get to read and enjoy every one of them. This was truly a blessing for me, I just wish I had had 50 years ago.

  4. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Kevin, I would like to join you in your “stupid idea” which actually isn’t stupid. If only I could become that selfless person and embrace the One who gave me true life.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and desires not only for yourself but for the Body.

  5. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    How true! May God fill my whole being with that reverential awe that is due HIM; may I accept His Word–hook, line, and sinker. Thank you, Kevin, for “wording” it for me.

  6. Robert Dungan
    Robert Dungan says:

    Being simple minded (when I’m at my best) I think of your comments this way; When I read The Inspired Word Of Almighty God, I should remind my SELF that He Who Causes To Become is speaking, and it’s a good idea for my SELF to shut up listen, because when I do, I hear what my Brothers and Sisters hear, and when we all heart The Word, of course we are in agreement.
    Thank you for sharing the blessing of such a loving note from Our Heavenly Father, who I thank most of all in the name of his precious son Yeshua, His Messiah.

  7. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    I second that Barbara:-) Brother Kevin, you spoke my heart again. another great insight. I also very much enjoyed what you wrote in the article “Prepare the Way” in Jewish Voice. Very well said!

  8. Ray S.
    Ray S. says:

    Would that we all had such a “stupid idea!” Kevin, achi, your idea is far from stupid. I think you could not be more right, and this article is a wake up call to the whole Body of Messiah, as Rav Shaul’s words in Ephesians 5.14: Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Messiah shall give thee light.

    May He give all of us light according to His good pleasure! Shalom & Blessings b’Yeshua!

  9. Nancy Santiago
    Nancy Santiago says:

    If that is a “stupid idea” then may God continue to use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise!

  10. matthew wagman
    matthew wagman says:

    The other day I got an insight into how childish we adults can be…I had asked my daughter to clean her room. She fought the idea would start then go off somewhere else. Big tears when I asked why it was not done and then it was can you help me, then it was I do not know where to start….. Are we all not unlike this child where G-d asks relatively little and watches us go through all the stages of resistance, attempted reconciliation, delays, asking for his help when we are well able to do and see….and truly we just need to accept his authority and direction.

  11. Aggie Henley
    Aggie Henley says:

    Ah-haha-ha-ha! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Kevin, I want to be part of that enchanted and fantastical wonderland! I’d be happy if we could all stop the in-fighting, the bickering, the need to “be right” to the point of arrogance. Where’s the Love? Too much ego. Too much chewed up, browning apple core called “fruit.” Here, now, let me take that pearl of great price off your hands- here’s a gumdrop on a paper plate instead.
    When I come before God in prayer, I tell Him that I am willful, reluctant , down right skittish at times when I have to quiet myself to hear Him. I ask Him to change my heart. And when I start getting too critical of this or that, I have to repent and receive His forgiveness. We are spiritually high maintenance beings. It’s a constant battle. But this wonderland isn’t impossible! I am determined to have the faith of a child, with imagination and trust. At the same time, I know
    1) it’s gonna hurt!
    2) I will indeed be taken advantage of, and
    3) I’m not going to like it one bit. The wonderland is
    God , with us.

  12. Janette
    Janette says:

    Is always amazes me how right before Adonai introduces to me a teaching I need to hear He prepares me either while reading scripture or during prayer and then bam! There it is in another believer, in the exact same spirit of revealing that touched me. Thank you Father for teachers like Kevin Geoffrey and that he speaks with courage about the true heart of the matter, which is drawing into a deeper relationship with You. I love stupid ideas, especially when they are right on track with our Heavenly Father and stupid to the world!


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