About Perfect Word Ministries

שלום, Shalom!

My name is Kevin Geoffrey, and I am a father, a husband, and a Jewish disciple of the Messiah Yeshua! I am also the principal laborer of Perfect Word Ministries. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself, and to share with you about the uncommon ministry of Perfect Word.

The Purpose of Perfect Word: Messianic Jewish Equipping

Perfect Word serves the Body of Messiah as a Messianic Jewish equipping ministry—“Messianic Jewish” because this is both Perfect Word’s primary audience, as well as the identity from which I personally approach life in the Messiah; “equipping” because this summarizes my and Perfect Word’s job of helping to prepare you for the work of serving the Master—“for the building up of the Body of the Messiah… until we all come… to the [whole] measure of maturity….” (Ep.4:13) The purpose of Perfect Word is encapsulated in the maxim, “Calling the Body of Messiah to maturity by teaching the simple application of Scripture for a radically changed life in Yeshua.” Read the Perfect Word mission and vision statements.

Through Scripturally sound exhortation and teaching, Perfect Word is a clear voice, calling with prophetic admonition for us in the Body of Messiah to turn our collective backs on ourselves and worldly influences, and once and for all be-come the mature, effective, dedicated disciples of Yeshua we are supposed to be. The name “Perfect Word” boldly speaks to the fundamental and overarching belief that Scripture is not only Adonai’s flawless, perfect Word encoded in the stuff of human language, but it is simple to understand and easy to apply in our lives. Indeed, it is our own preconceived ideas, fleshly resistance, pet theologies, and religious dispositions that cloud our hearts and minds to the simple, perfect Word, thereby keeping us from allowing it to shape the way we live… robbing the Scriptures of their authority as the solely trustworthy and reliable source for leading us into the way of uncompromising, spiritual, and actual change.

Because of this outlook and approach to Scripture and to life in Messiah, you will find that the message of Perfect Word is notably different from that of other Messianic ministries. My goal is not to disseminate Hebraically-minded information and insights, nor comb the thoughts and traditions of Judaism for their purported wisdom and authenticity, nor antagonize and fault Christianity for its compromises, failures and shortcomings. Rather, my goal as a Jewish believer in Yeshua is to present the Messianic Jewish perspective of Scripture in such a way that we will all be provoked—Jews and Gentiles alike—to fully lay down our lives, totally abandon and deny ourselves, and finally get down to the business of doing the only work that should completely consume our lives: being and making effective disciples of Messiah.

The Present Work of Perfect Word: Teaching, Supporting, Equipping, Laying Foundations

The zeal I have for proclaiming this message has done nothing but grow in intensity throughout my more than 19 years in the Messianic Jewish movement. Having labored to accomplish this goal through various areas of ministry—including congregational planting and leadership, as well as itinerant teaching and leading praise and worship in Messianic congregations, seminars, and regional, national and international Messianic Jewish conferences—my work through Perfect Word is currently concentrated in four main areas:

Teaching. A great deal of my time is spent developing exhortative and instructional resources in the form of books, periodicals, internet-based media, and audio teachings. The thrust of these messages mainly concern: the simple application of Scripture in our daily lives; becoming mature, “sold-out” disciples of Messiah; and the importance of Jewish and Gentile believers em-bracing their unique functions within a united Body of Messiah—that is, Jewish believers practically living out their distinct calling as Israel according to the Scriptures, and Gentile believers (both within and outside the Messianic Jewish movement) coming to an understanding and fulfillment of their specific and vital role as the Reconciled from among the nations.

Supporting. I am also making every effort to respond to a growing need among God’s people by being available to correspond and communicate with individuals, advising them on important matters of Messianic faith and practice. I regularly receive e-mails, letters and phone calls from people seeking guidance in navigating the often confusing waters of the Messianic Jewish movement, or simply coming to terms with the reality of what it means to lay down our lives in order to serve the Master Yeshua. I am committed, as often as I am able, to give encouragement and counsel that is based firmly on the wisest and most spiritual encouragement and counsel there is: the Scriptures.

Equipping. Most recently, I have completed some formative work with a local congregation, assisting in the establishment of its cell-group ministry—the intended goal being the institution of home groups as the foundation for discipleship and community life. Part of this multi-year process included modeling small group facilitation, helping to recognize new leaders, and facilitating group multiplication. The Messianic Life Discipleship Series, published by Perfect Word and used by congregations and Bible study groups around the world, was instrumental in equipping this congregation for its transition. In the future, I hope to offer special training for effective small group discipleship facilitation, especially using The Messianic Life material.

Laying Foundations. Finally, in what is truly the most humbling work to date, I am presently studying out the Scriptural and practical foundations for Yeshua-believing community life outside the traditional or cell-based congregational framework, and how such community might serve as one viable, healthy context for successfully living out and pro-claiming the life in Messiah. It is my hope that this extended season of seeking God and patient exploration will eventually lead to the establishment of a prototype for such communities; that I will be able to help new groups to form—and existing congregations to reform—into such communities (Messianic Jewish or otherwise); and that the Master will use me and Perfect Word to equip leaders and members of such communities by providing ongoing friendship, guidance, encouragement, accountability, practical care, spiritual support, and connection with the larger Body of Messiah.

Hastening the Day—Why Perfect Word Exists

Keifa/Peter reminds us that “the Master is not slow in regard to the promise, as certain [ones] count slowness, but is patient toward us…. [Therefore,] what kind of people must you be in holy behavior and godly acts? [The kind who are] waiting for and hastening the [coming] presence of the Day of God….” (2Ke.3:9,11-12, my emphasis)

The manner in which we daily live as disciples of Messiah hastens the Day of the Master’s final return; though we must patiently wait, amazingly, we can also speed the coming of that Day by our lives of “holy behavior and godly acts.” It is this remarkable and understated truth that drives me to teach and spur Yeshua’s disciples on toward “the [whole] measure of maturity”—that we may all undergo the critical, radical change needed for us to fully follow our Master. Indeed, while we are waiting for Him, He is being “patient toward us”! What else could delay His return if not our own reluctance to deny ourselves and live for Him alone?

My life, the lives of my family, and the ministry of Perfect Word is wholly committed to the proclamation of this life-changing message: that through the simple application of Scripture, change we must—and change we can—for the building up of the Body of Messiah, for the restoration of Israel, and for the salvation of all the nations of the earth… “and then will the end arrive”! (Mt.24:14)

About Kevin

Born Kevin Geoffrey Berger, Kevin is the firstborn son of a first-generation American, nonreligious Jewish family. From childhood, he was ashamed of his Jewish heritage, deliberately attempting to hide his identity as a Jew. Kevin spent his youth like most Jewish kids—essentially assimilated into American culture, embracing the things of the world and pursuing the things of the flesh.

At fifteen years old, Kevin was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a serious and incur-able disorder of  the digestive tract.  After experiencing a sudden and apparently miraculous healing, Kevin’s heart was opened to consider the possibility of something in which he had always been taught not to believe:  the existence of God.  A few years later, through various influential encounters and relationships, Kevin accepted Yeshua as Messiah and became what he then understood as a “born-again Christian.”

Upon graduating from high school, Kevin rejected higher learning to half-heartedly pursue a career in music.  With delusions of grandeur and his newfound identity as a “Christian,” Kevin legally changed his name to Kevin Geoffrey, completing his assimilation from “Jew” to “Christian.” When his ambition as a “rock star” ultimately failed to materialize, Kevin conceded defeat and entered Jacksonville University (Florida), where he graduated with high honors.

Throughout college, Kevin zealously studied the Scriptures. Seeking like-minded believers, he visited several Christian churches, but he was unable to find a place to call home. It was during this time that Kevin revealed his Jewish heritage to a close friend, who introduced him to the existence of the Messianic Jewish Movement.

Shortly before meeting his soon-to-be wife Esther, Kevin became part of a non-denominational Christian Fellowship where he was discipled in his faith, as well as in praise and worship ministry. Together, Kevin and Esther continued to learn about the Messianic Jewish Movement and became occasional attendees at the local Messianic congregation.  Within a year and a half, and after the Christian Fellowship suffered a devastating split, Kevin was able to fully embrace his call as a Messianic Jew and was restored to his Jewish heritage.

Today, Kevin is a strong advocate for the restoration of Jewish believers in Yeshua to their distinct calling and identity as the remnant of Israel. Kevin is the founder of Perfect Word Ministries, a Messianic Jewish equipping ministry, which he serves as principal laborer. He is the author of the Messianic Devotional and The Messianic Life series of books, and is a regular contributor to Jewish Voice Today magazine. Kevin has been licensed as a Messianic Jewish Teacher by the IAMCS (International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues), and ordained by Jewish Voice Ministries International.  He has taught in live seminars and conferences throughout the United States, as well as multiple Messianic congregations and synagogues. He has also served in congregational leadership, and as an anointed praise and worship leader both in congregations and in regional, national and international Messianic conferences.

Kevin resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Esther and their four beautiful sons, Isaac, Josiah, Hosea and Asher.

The Geoffrey Family, November 2016
Grand Canyon, Arizona