The Master Yeshua is unlike any man who ever walked the earth for the very reason that He is exactly like every other man… and yet, not at all. It’s this fully God/fully man paradox or “dual nature” that has perplexed and frustrated both the faithful and the skeptic since the beginning. The biblical fact of Yeshua’s simultaneous, unmingled deity and humanity is more than just a theological side note or curiosity—it’s at the heart of the message of the Good News. Because without one or the other, He can be neither our savior nor our example. Unless He is both, He is not the biblical Messiah who can save.
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While the Scriptures testify to the deity of the Messiah Yeshua—that He is, in fact, God in the flesh (see—they also simultaneously assert the Master’s complete and genuine humanity. Affirming His deity, Yeshua embraced the title “Son of God” (cf. John 5:18, 10:22-39 and 19:7), and occasionally referenced His own divine origins (cf. Matthew 22:42-46; Mark 12:35-37; John 3:13, 6:62), but He most often referred to Himself as the “Son of Man.” Apparently, “Son of Man” is an allusion to Daniel 7:13-14, which Yeshua seems to use as an acknowledgment of His role and calling of Messiah—similar to the meaning behind the title “Son of David.” Though neither of these titles are a direct affirmation of the Master’s humanity, both reinforce His interaction and association with humanity, as well as His sharing in our very nature and experience.  Read more

Q: Dear sir, I have been a Bible-believing Christian for over twenty years. Lately, my brother has been debating with me that Jesus has all the qualities of a Savior and that He is the only way to be saved, but says that He was not God incarnate, but only the Son of God. Do all messianic Jews believe this? Could you please give me detailed information as to why, either way? Is Jesus Christ God incarnate, or not, according to Messianic belief? Your time spent in replying to me would be very much appreciated!  Read more

Not only are the Scriptures the perfect Word of God—true, reliable, objective and solely authoritative—they are do-able. Though our view of Scripture is often distorted because we consider its teachings to be inapplicable, irrelevant, impractical, idealistic, unattainable, and especially unfathomable to uneducated minds, in reality, the Word of God is simple… and we can do it.

The Scriptures are simple and do-able because Adonai Himself has made His Word accessible. Not only are His commands not beyond our effortless reach, but they are near and even planted inside us. Mosheh states this unequivocally according to D’variym 30:11-14,

For this command which I am commanding you today, it is not too extraordinary for you, nor is it far off. It is not in the heavens, [leading you to] say, “Who will go up for us into the heavens, and get it for us, and cause us to hear it—that we may do it?” And it is not beyond the sea, [leading you to] say, “Who will pass over for us beyond the sea, and get it for us, and cause us to hear it—that we may do it?” For very near to you is the word (haDavar), in your mouth, and in your heart—to do it.

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The name Perfect Word Ministries is a tribute to the fundamental and overarching belief that Scripture* is Adonai’s flawless, perfect Word encoded in the stuff of written, human language. The Scriptures—in their original autographs, and in every substantial respect of subsequent copies—are absolutely true, totally reliable, completely objective, and solely authoritative for all faith and practice for the follower of Yeshua. This belief, stated as non-negotiable fact, is nevertheless a matter of faith, requiring spiritual revelation, personal experience, and the internal testimony of Scripture to establish it. If, however, we can accept that the Scriptures are the very Word of God transcribed into something we can grasp, then we can fully accept everything it says with complete confidence and conviction. Read more