Most of us toss around the word “friend” as casually as we lob our dirty socks toward the laundry basket. Friends—we think—are buddies, chums, or pals; people we “hang out” and “do stuff” with, or know from work or school. We call, text, and Facebook with their disembodied avatars; we meet them for lunch, accompany them on errands, and invite them over for dinner. We “go to church” with them, attend Bible studies, partake in fellowship meals—even pray, cry, laugh, and perform ministry together. But on what basis can we consider all (or any) of these acquaintances true friends? Surely, there must be more than mutual, interactive enjoyment, the sharing of common interests, or mere situational convenience. By what standard should we call one another “friend”? Read more

What great nation is there that has a God so near to it, that He would command His people to party for seven days straight? Sukot, the final feast of the year, is a week-long, unabashed celebration of Adonai’s provision, protection and salvation. It’s simplicity and joy lends itself to an unparalleled revelation of Yeshua!

Audio, which was available here from October 13-20, 2011, is no longer available here. Please go here instead. This teaching is part eleven of the 12-part series “Signs & Seasons,” a Scriptural exploration of Israel’s calendar.

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