Sukot – Feast of Temporary Dwellings

What great nation is there that has a God so near to it, that He would command His people to party for seven days straight? Sukot, the final feast of the year, is a week-long, unabashed celebration of Adonai’s provision, protection and salvation. It’s simplicity and joy lends itself to an unparalleled revelation of Yeshua!

Audio, which was available here from October 13-20, 2011, is no longer available here. Please go here instead. This teaching is part eleven of the 12-part series “Signs & Seasons,” a Scriptural exploration of Israel’s calendar.

For more about Sukot and Israel’s calendar

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  1. Pat Ravnaas
    Pat Ravnaas says:

    Shalom Perfect Word Ministries,
    Thank you so much for your teaching on Chag HaSukot. We have been discovering the Hebrew roots of our faith for the past several years. (Well, actually it was my husband who started us on this journey.) I so much appreciate your straight-forward approach and the simplicity of your teaching. It is restoring the “Joy” back into the Mo’adiym as I believe it was meant to be.
    Blessings and thank you so much!
    Pat Ravnaas (wife of Norm Ravnaas)

  2. Elayn Hoch
    Elayn Hoch says:

    Todah rabah. Listened to this on my phone in our sukkah.
    Yes. A time to rest in Him, read His Word and talk to Him. Celebrating all His wonderful deeds!! Celebrating who He is!!
    Ps 150

  3. Aggie Henley
    Aggie Henley says:

    I busted out in laughter while listening to part 8 of this teaching, at “meshugha gentiles”! I had to hit the pause button. Talk about joy!
    Every year I’ve been taking out more and more time to learn about appointed times, and next year I think I will be ready to build our own temporary dwelling.

    I am so grateful for your teaching, Kevin. It’s invaluable. May Yeshua bless you for showing us all the difference between tradition and scripture.


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