books.jpgI am presently working on the the follow-up book in The Messianic Life Discipleship Series, “Growing the Fruit of the Spirit.” This new book, along with its complementary Facilitator’s Guide, is tentatively rescheduled for release in 2012.

I am also adding more works in the Preparing The Way “inPrint” Series, which features written versions of some of my teachings that are presently only available in recorded audio format.   The next book in the series is Giving Adonai His Due, a Messianic Jewish look at  living a lifestyle of Praise and Worship.  This title is in line for publishing also in 2012.

Also on the drawing board is my fourth devotional book, the Messianic Shabbat Devotional, though there is no publication date at this time.  On August 31, 2008, Perfect Word released my third devotional book, the Messianic Torah Devotional.