Q: After my husband and I came to the Lord, we continued to abstain from eating the foods forbidden in the Law of Moshe. We found no scriptural reference releasing us, although we found that gentiles do not need to follow the Law of Moshe. While we understand that the Kingdom of our God is not about eating or drinking, we do want to know what to answer those who ask.

A: It was not until after The Flood, when Adonai made the covenant with Noah, that animals were even considered by God to be “food.”  This was a universal provision for all humankind, “Every creeping thing that is alive, to you it is for food… only flesh with its life — its blood — you are not [to] eat.” (Genesis 9:3-4, YLT) Read more

Q: My dad is a pastor and since coming upon the the name of Yeshua, he no longer uses the name Jesus.  Is he wrong?  He is up against other pastors that are telling him he is wrong to do this. What do you think?

A: This is a very sensitive subject. I would say that it all depends on your dad’s motives and attitude.  “Yeshua” is the Master’s name, not “Jesus,” however, if your dad is using “Yeshua” in a passive-aggressive, rebellious way to thumb his nose at the Christian establishment, then I would say it’s inappropriate.  But if your dad has a strong conviction to use the Master’s given name, and he is doing it as part of an effort to restore Yeshua to His proper Jewish context, then it is probably okay.  It just depends.  Even if your dad’s heart is right, it may still result in confrontation and challenges from his peers. Read more