In 2007, we published the Discipleship Edition of Being a Disciple of Messiah: Building Character for an effective walk in Yeshua, and it has since been used by many home groups, bible studies, for leadership training, youth groups and more. We realized, however, that not everyone is able to make use of a book that has a workbook format, so we decided to add the Bookshelf Edition to the Messianic Life lineup. The Bookshelf Edition, published in November 2009, contains the same material as the Discipleship Edition; the difference is that the Bookshelf version does not have the workbook questions and activities, and the book itself is a smaller size—more suitable for your bookshelf.

About the importance of discipleship, Kevin says, “Many of us really have no clue what discipleship is all about. We vaguely think it has something to do with evangelism, or perhaps taking a class on the foundations of the faith. But real discipleship—true discipleship—is what the Master exemplified for us. He called people to follow Him and be like Him. If we’re truly living for God—and even if we’re struggling with it, but faithfully trying—we have something to offer those who don’t yet know Him, and those who need to know Him more.  I love this book because it hits at core topics that every believer in Yeshua needs to have settled in their lives.  These topics are linch-pins in our walk with the Master, and we need to get these down—get these solid, deep within us—if we ever hope to be productive servants in God’s Reign.  I promise two things from this book: one, you will be lovingly, but firmly challenged; and two, you will be encouraged to be the complete, whole and effective disciple that you have already been remade to be!”

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