On August 24, 2009, we published our sixth book, the first in our new Preparing the Way InPrint series, Deny Yourself: The Atoning Command of Yom Kippur.

When asked why he wanted to write this brief work about Yom Kippur, Kevin responded, “‘Deny Yourself’ is not just about making meaningful, practical application for the holiest day of the year.  This is what the Master told us to do: deny ourselves.  In order to serve Yeshua, we have to stop existing–we need to supercede all our wants, desires and needs, and completely replace them with the Master’s instructions.  In 2009–and it’s been this way for a long, long time–the Body of Messiah is a cultured, civilized, domesticated religion.  It’s all about us and what we can get from God.  The message of ‘Deny Yourself’ is the message of Scripture: it’s not about us at all–it’s about emptying ourselves just like Yeshua did and unselfishly serving God and everyone else.”

To learn more about Deny Yourself, or to order your copy, please visit https://denyyourself.perfectword.org/.