Kevin Geoffrey ordained

Kevin Geoffrey ordination 2008

In an emotional service on March 15, 2008, Kevin Geoffrey was ordained by Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries as a Messianic Jewish Teacher.  The ordination followed Kevin’s 2006 licensing, which began the process of discipleship and confirming of God’s calling and ordination upon him as an Equipper of God’s people.  The uniqueness of this ordination was due to the fact that Kevin and Jonathan share a close, long-term friendship outside the world of ministry, such that Jonathan’s judging of Kevin’s character and calling was sufficiently thorough.

The ordination ceremony was witnessed by Congregation Baruch HaShem, which is led by Kevin’s close friend and partner in ministry, Tim Hyslip.  Among those participating in the laying on of hands were other Phoenix leaders in Jewish ministry who imparted prophetic words of encouragement and faith.  It was an especially moving experience that Kevin was humbled and grateful to share with the family and friends he loves, admires and cherishes.

Pictured above, Jonathan Bernis lays hands on Kevin.  At Kevin’s side is his soulmate and partner in life, his wife, Esther.

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  1. james qualls
    james qualls says:

    Shalom Kevin. Glory to G-d in the highest. I”m happy for you, and Esther — I know she has been a great help to you in the ministry, and going forward in greater things to come. May Adonai bless you both in future blessings. In Yeshua’s name Amen.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Your ministering is a blessing to our lives and we give thanks to Adonai Yeshua/Jesus for the truth that is in you. Thanks for being faithful to our Savior and we rejoice with you and your family. Susan and David Eldridge

  3. Cheryl Hill
    Cheryl Hill says:

    Even though I was not able to attend, how delighted we were that Chuck could be there. We have seen the mighty hand of Adonai on your life, and are praising Him for His faithfulness, His restoration and His Life. May Adonai continue to take you to an intimacy with Him that will always ‘catch your breath’. We love you, dear brother.

  4. Christopher
    Christopher says:

    Dear Brother Kevin,
    May G-d, Adonai bless you & your dear wife Esther in all your work, love & devotion in Yeshua. Whatever you do for Him.
    Take care your gentile bro in Denver – much love in Him our Lord & Messiah Yeshua

  5. Kay Wonderley
    Kay Wonderley says:

    I can see that this ministry and gifting is being fulfilled and has grown since this ordination.
    The message that Kevin and Esther have is crucial for the body of Messiah. The call to have the authority of the scriptures reinstated, to live out the scriptures in ones life no matter what the circumstances. I have seen his family do this over a few years now, and it has been very inspiring.
    I can also recommend Perfect Word resources.


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