Happy New Year???

It’s what everyone all over the world isn’t saying today… and why should they? After all, it’s the middle of March, and nothing around us offers even a hint that a new year has begun. Indeed, most of us haven’t even a clue that a new month has arrived (“Rosh Chodesh,” or New Moon), much less the renewal of an entire year!

Nevertheless, it’s true—the New Year is here… the New Year for Israel, that is (Exodus 12:2, “This month is to you the chief of months—it is the first to you of the months of the year.”). And yet, even world-wide Jewry doesn’t have New Year’s on its collective radar right now. No, for us, New Year’s doesn’t come around for another six long months (“Rosh HaShanah”)—or so we’ve been led to believe.

“Who cares? What’s the big deal?” you retort. “Scripture doesn’t even say that the first New Moon is to be honored any differently than the others (except the seventh)!” Indeed, why does it matter that most of “civilized” planet earth calls a random moment in time—January 1st—“New Year’s Day”? And why get all worked up just because Judaism celebrates its New Year in the Fall, instead of observing it in the Spring, according to the Scriptures?

My purpose in mentioning all this is not as corrective as you might think. It is not my intent to convert the world to Israel’s unique calendar, nor to hype up a day that deserves no more attention in our lives than Scripture explicitly calls for.

On the contrary, the reason for the hoopla is simple: to use this timely opportunity to illustrate how almost completely oblivious we are to the ways of Adonai and the Scriptures to which we so casually pledge our allegiance! We will sooner order our lives according to a blank grid hung on a wall than align ourselves with the plain and pure teaching of the Word of God.

You see, to me, “New Year’s in March (or April)” is much more than just the neglected, Scriptural reboot of Israel’s annual calendar. No—to me, it is a symbolic declaration to the world: “You are out of sync with the tempo of God… out of step with the footfalls of Messiah.”

I want you to stop and recognize the first day of the first month, not because it’s the “real” New Year’s Day, or in order to claim some imagined superiority over those who haven’t yet found “the truth.” Not at all. Israel’s New Year Day is important because it is a symbol of Messiah—the former being the cornerstone of Israel’s calendar; the latter, the Cornerstone of our lives.

The Emissary exhorts in 1Keifa (Peter) 2:2-6

… as newborn babies, desire the word’s pure milk, that in it you will grow, if indeed you [have] tasted that the Master is good. To [those] who [are] coming, [He is] a living stone… and you yourselves, as living stones, are built up [as] a spiritual house…. Therefore, also, it is contained in the Scripture: “Look! I lay in Tziyon a chief corner-stone—chosen, precious—and he who is believing on Him will not be put to shame.”

When we attempt to live the life in Messiah by hearsay—entrusting our walk to the patterns of men, rather than our first-hand experience with the Word of God—our initial steps are already off course… our foundation is already out of alignment. The New Year, like the Messiah, represents the starting point—the site of orientation upon which our trajectory is to be based. And, like the Messiah, it is also the goal… the sign that we have successfully completed another revolution, and are on track to keep moving forward in Him.

So, Happy New Year to you, disciple of Messiah! Renew your mind and be free! The heart of God is beating steadily for you today… will you forsake your tempo, and step with His time instead?

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  1. Rick M West
    Rick M West says:

    Wow Kevin!

    This is “another one” of those profound revelations to me; being a Gentile Believer whom is endeavoring to enter into the fullness of the knowledge of the Truth in Messiah.
    Once again, you have amazed me by proving your statement: “…how almost completely oblivious we are to the ways of Adonai and the Scriptures to which we so casually pledge our allegiance! ”
    I resemble that remark! Thanks for the heads-up! Now I can look at this day as a fresh start… and keep running this race that I am running; as I shed my worldly delusions.


    Rick M West

  2. James Qualls
    James Qualls says:

    Happy New Year Kevin.Sometimes we can stray,and get off course but today can brings us on the right path and follow by example of our messiah Yeshua.thank you and Bless you on this day of renewal. Shalom James/Jacob

  3. Leslie Engelhard
    Leslie Engelhard says:

    Thank you for this message! I want to walk in the truth of His Word and am blessed to know that others recognize this time as the true new year. I am convicted of walking out of sync with His timing and appreciate this word. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Tammy Bush
    Tammy Bush says:

    Wonderfu, truthful article brother:) Thankyou for remaining grounded on what the Holy Word speaks when there are others who are straying to the left and right. May Abba bless you richly for your devoted service to Him:)

  5. Angela
    Angela says:

    Happy New Year to all who love the Lord Yeshua! My congregation has a New Year’s celebration every year to bring in the first of Nisan. We rent a banquet room at a local hotel, have a wonderful buffet, and a DJ plays music. There’s Jewish dancing to Jewish music and couples dancing to the better oldies. Folks get all dressed up and everyone has a blast! However you choose to remember God’s calendar, may you be blessed by your Creator with a year overflowing with His love, joy, peace, protection and provision. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  6. Donna Miller
    Donna Miller says:

    Again, a very pointed and honest look at THE HEART. Where our treasures lie and not simply the hoops to jump through (as all religion can make sound so important).

    It truly IS about this phrase:
    You are out of sync with the tempo of God… out of step with the footfalls of Messiah.”

    Also, your opening paragraph in the email was spot on! Thank you for stepping on some toes…to soften some hearts! This one at least!

    Be Blessed in your service of the Risen Messiah!

  7. Chris
    Chris says:

    Dear & precious brother in Yeshua, I humbly thank you for being steadfast with this insightful post.

    I couldn’t agree with you (as well as another contributor to this article) any more with your statement “You are out of sync with the tempo of God… out of step with the footfalls of Messiah.” as I continue to learn AND absorb the Hebrew roots of my faith in Yeshua.

    Thank YOU for your steadfastness, your commitment, your humility and finally thank you for reminding me/us that my/our attempt to live the life in Messiah MUST be by first-hand experience with the Word of G-d.

    May you continue to experience the joys of serving His flock.

  8. Sunny Reichert
    Sunny Reichert says:

    Shalom Kevin! Thank you again for trying to remain true to Scripture rather than tradition. I have a question regarding the start of this month/year. Our assembly has been taught that the new month starts with the sighting of the sliver in Yisrael, which should be seen I believe tonight or tomorrow night. But I understand there are varying opinions about this. Can you give me your views on this? Thanks and shalom!

  9. Marvin Funkhouser
    Marvin Funkhouser says:

    Shalom Kevin and Happy New Year to you. I love it, I always felt that this time of the year should be celebrated as a new year, because it is a new year according to the Word of God. If it wasn’t important, I don’t think Adonai wouldn’t have put it in the Torah.

  10. Elayn
    Elayn says:

    Oh my, I’ve never heard a news years message like this before…..well all have been in January. You really have me thinking and for that I thank you. I’m a relatively new messianic believer. I was a born again Christian for years but always felt such a strong pull in my heart for “Jewish” things. I now have such peace and joy in my heart to follow Y’shua and the holidays that I was always taught were covered when Y’shua came. I learned last year that this is really the new year but this message, Todah!!

  11. Suzanne Bennett
    Suzanne Bennett says:

    Wow, Kevin! Such a powerful statement to my heart: “out of sync with the tempo of God…” Clearly all of us reacted the same way when our heart’s desire is to be in sync with Him. Thank you so much for the insight – it is heart and mind altering in the best way!

  12. Frank H.
    Frank H. says:

    Thanks so much for this new year’s greeting and the accompanying thoughts. Last Shabbat (Shabbat HaGadol), my synagogue took time to read from Exodus 12 and reflect on how Pesach points to our Messiah and to our need to trust Him as our Lord and Savior. Truly Adonai’s appointed times help us follow the strait and narrow path and teach His ways to our children and grandchildren. This morning I needed a message such as yours to renew my mind. Thanks again!

  13. Elayn Hoch
    Elayn Hoch says:

    L’shanah Tovah!!
    I am TO (Torah observant) alone in my family. I am so incredibly blessed by your ministry. I pray for you and your family daily, b’shem Yeshua!!
    I love your style of teaching. I can ‘get it’. Lol
    Todah rabah!

  14. Christine
    Christine says:

    Shalom Kevin!!!

    Chag Semeach Achi!

    May Adonai Richly bless you and your family this year! Hope to see you in November @ the Roundtable again!

    Shalom Shalom!

  15. Steve
    Steve says:

    Shalom Kevin,

    Thank you for another well written article. My wife and I celebrated the New Year scripture style, rededicating our temples, and saying so long to the year passed. Yes, as you mentioned, Yeshua is still the chief cornerstone! It is neat to imitate scripture and see history repeat itself in our day!

    May you and your family experience a greater blessing from Adonai this year ahead!

  16. Lois Costello
    Lois Costello says:

    I love walking as our Yah walked. Yeshua kept His own time so why shouldn’t we? Thank you for encouraging us to recognize this New Year framework. His time frame is important and we need to know it in order to understand scripture. How wonderful to even realize He really DID rise from the dead in exactly three days and three nights ! Love the facts and thanks for another one verified. May Yah continue to bless you with complete shalom!


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