As Messianics on a quest for self-definition and the recharacterization of our faith, perhaps the most fundamental, core issue we face is that we too quickly and easily revert to religion, mistaking it for a tangible relationship with God. As such, when we demonstrate the fortitude to reject a given religion (i.e. Christianity, Judaism, etc.) in pursuit of a “true faith,” we find ourselves believing that whatever road we feel led to travel next (i.e. “Messianic Judaism,” Hebraic roots, et al) must therefore be the way to get to Him. This might be true, except for the fact that many of us have issues with shedding our religious tendencies, and more often than not, end up simply exchanging one brand of religion for another. Read more

The following is adapted from the introduction to the inaugural edition of Messianic Jewish Issues.

Let’s face it: we all have issues—some of us more than others—and the sooner we admit it, the better! Of course, I am poking fun at the title of our new publication, Messianic Jewish Issues, which was deliberately named for its double meaning. Indeed, we all trip and stumble in our walk with Yeshua, primarily because of our own issues. But we also have legitimate questions about living the Messianic Life, and we need clarity and direction if we are to be effective people of God. Messianic Jewish Issues exists, then, for this very purpose: to begin to deal with the issues that affect us as disciples of Messiah in and around the enigma that is the Messianic Jewish Movement… and to do it with the same Scriptural integrity and honest exhortation that Perfect Word has always endeavored to employ. Read more