Behold the Lamb Messianic Haggadah

We are very excited to announce the release of the newly revised (and hopefully final!) edition of Behold the Lamb, a Scripture-based Haggadah for a modern, Messianic Passover memorial ‘avodah (Hebrew for “service”, “rite”, or “ceremony”).

The Passover experience facilitated by Behold the Lamb is an uncommon, untraditional departure from the usual Passover seder, set apart by its unique and unapologetic use of Scripture—approximately ninety percent of the Behold the Lamb Haggadah is nothing more than a compilation of relevant passages from the Word… and nothing tells a story better than Scripture!

In addition to the groundbreaking Haggadah, Behold the Lamb also includes a 20+ page supplementary section containing recipes for delicious homemade matzah, an introduction to our unconventional children’s crafts, and pages of brand new teaching material on Passover topics that we have never seen treated in any other publication, Messianic or otherwise.

Because Passover is such a pivotal and foundational appointed time for Israel, we have also produced a companion Preparation Guide for hosting and facilitating the fullest Behold the Lamb experience possible. In it, we have condensed years of our own family’s Passover experience into practical advice and suggestions, not just for the ‘avodah, but for the weeks leading up to Passover, and the days immediately following it. You have never had a Passover like the Behold the Lamb Passover memorial outlined for you in these materials!

All in all, Behold the Lamb, together with the Preparation Guide, is the most practical resource we have produced to date. We are especially pleased, because it allows us the opportunity to offer you an accurate and personal glimpse into one of the most treasured and intimate moments of our own family’s life.  Not that we think what goes on in our home is more special or exceptional than others; rather, we felt it was vital to capture and present this personal perspective, because the very purpose of the Passover itself is an uninterrupted self-transmission from one person, family, and generation to the next. The way the Geoffreys memorialize Passover is just one of many, many innovative ways to do it. We only wanted to communicate our rendition to you in the hopes that you will find it to be a faithful memorial of the Passover of Scripture—and that it will provoke you to find Scripture’s Passover to be the only one worth repeating… person to person, family to family, year after year, generation after generation.

Learn more about Behold the Lamb and our other Passover-related resources by going to Group discounts are available!

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  1. Judy Conder
    Judy Conder says:

    YES, so appreciated the Behold the Lamb Passover Haggadah (this year’s) along with the preparation guide and the Messianic Mo’adiym Devotional. I have read and considered other Passover Haggadah but each seemed so long and complex that I was overwhelmed, let alone attempting to introduce it to my family (husband & adult children) who do not yet understand or embrace the annual feasts, fasts and appointed times. This year was wonderful, such clarity, simple enough that I was not overwhelmed. The preparation guide and recipes such a help. The devotional is enlarging my understanding to greater revelation of Messiah the Lamb and our Beloved Father Adonai.

    Thank you SO much!

  2. Judy Hamilton
    Judy Hamilton says:

    This was only our 2nd Passover celebration, but it was wonderful! We were so blessed with Behold the Lamb. The apricot kugel from your preparation guide was a big hit! Your haggadah took the guess work out of what could have been a complicated evening by making this avodah not only informative but relaxing and enjoyable as well. Thank you Kevin, for putting this together for us. We substituted the word Abba for Pop for the grandkids so they could ask their grand father (my husband) the questions, and began to see that this really was meant to be a family celebration, not a formal religious ceremony. It was absolutely wonderful! Thanks again!

  3. Gloria Scott
    Gloria Scott says:

    We used your book “Behold The Lamb” and it was wonderful. The whole family participated in the reading and I am still so happy because of it.

    I didn’t get the lambs made but maybe next year.

    It was truly a wonderful night!


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