A Moment of Clarity

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I have had a moment of clarity. Perhaps it won’t be revelatory to you, or perhaps it will open your eyes. But I feel so compelled to share it with you that I created this special section of our website to address what I see as an epic crisis plaguing our country. If you have school-aged children—or know anyone who does, or care about the future of our country—you need to hear this.

The uncertainty and unrest that we have all been experiencing lately was enough… but then came the destruction, the anarchy, the rhetoric that went with it, and the civil leaders who not only did nothing about it, but embraced and promoted it. It is widespread; it is endemic. Dare I say, systemic? It is embedded in the thought patterns and knowledge of entire generations. This is not just Democrats versus Republicans, liberals versus conservatives. Something has infested and twisted peoples’ minds to the extent that there is no reasoning with them. They are irrational, annihilative, and unable to perceive reality—and they learned to think this way through our mainstream educational system. This was my epiphany. Right under their parents’ noses—even in private Christian institutions, believe it or not—children have been systematically indoctrinated by decades of liberal, progressive education.

When this light turned on for me, I was overwhelmed. How could I have missed this? But that is exactly what has happened. The frog in the kettle of American education has slowly but surely become a generation of vacant minds and souls, open to the doctrines of destruction.

And because of this, I believe it is time for a strategic withdrawal. It is time to choose to homeschool. I realize the gravity of what this means for many parents, but I know that God has their solution. Believe me, it can be done.

I have asked Esther and my three oldest sons to speak to you from their hearts about the need for and joys of homeschooling (read their articles here and here). Our family has always home­schooled—Esther and Isaac are both homeschool graduates. But never before have I thought of it as something necessary for saving a country and a generation. Please take their words and perspectives to heart. I believe you will find what they have to say both informative and inspiring.

Our intention is not to simply advocate for homeschooling, but to offer our family as a resource to yours or anyone you know with school-aged children interested in home­schooling. We are available for direction, guidance and encouragement to help you—and those you love—to save our children. Become a homeschooling parent, or influence others to make the change today. It’s still not too late.

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  1. Deena Dykes
    Deena Dykes says:

    Hey Kevin, Esther’s sister here! The one thing I am seeing in Jacksonville is the push to have children stay home and let the State of FL homeschool the children, while often parents are away at work while the teachers are online with the children. I see a serious issue here. Not only do the children still get the harmful curriculums and indoctrination they got at school, but the teachers are now actually able to see into your home through these virtual classes. Please get the word out that this is dangerous ground! Just as you wouldn’t allow a stranger to come in when you are not home, you should not trust people to scope out the home and children while you are working or away. Just a thought!


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