Who Is Teaching the Children?

by Esther Geoffrey

As the events of 2020 continue to unfold, I can hardly believe that the images I’m seeing are real—the nation I know and love seems to be crumbling before my eyes. Death tolls rise, statues topple, divisions grow deeper, freedoms evaporate, cities burn, and truth seems irrelevant or imperceptible in the midst of the chaos. In the streets, young people cry out for change and revolution, parroting phrases they can’t explain and shouting slogans they can’t defend. Where did all this come from? How did we get here?

The process began many decades ago. Humanistic ideology took root in our education system and began a slow, methodical process of transforming our culture. In place of the Judeo/Christian heritage this country was founded upon, seeds of Marxism and progressivism were planted, and we barely noticed as they began to sprout and grow. In colleges, professors imparted godless philosophies into pliable minds, and their students went on to teach in primary and secondary schools, preparing the next generation to be receptive to increasingly radical ideas.

Make no mistake: there is a war being fought for the minds and hearts of our children. Yesterday’s concerns of sex and underage drinking seem almost mundane in a world where “gender diversity” is taught to elementary students, history classes foment hatred of America by replacing “historical understanding” with “ideology,” and math is proclaimed to be a “tool for [racist] oppression.” And this indoctrination is clearly working, given that 51% of young people ages 18 to 29 now view socialism as a positive thing. We attempt to counter the attack with our faith, but what we are implanting in our children is not taking hold—only a quarter of youth who were spiritually engaged during their teenage years remain so into their twenties.

So what is the answer? How can we overcome the corrupted system designed to undermine our parental authority and steal our young ones away? Our best hope is to remove them from that system, and to take upon ourselves the full responsibility for their education—in our homes. God gave this pattern to Israel, saying, “these words which I am commanding you today must be to your heart; and you must repeat them to your sons, and speak of them in your sitting in your house, and in your walking along the road, and in your lying down, and in your rising up” (De. 6:6-7, MJLT).

Homeschooling allows us to provide this continual, purposeful, morning-to-night instruction in God’s commands, as they receive not just academic information, but a biblical worldview woven throughout each subject. Opportunities to shape our children’s character abound, and we are able to stand between them and the ungodly ideas and values that the world hurls at them from every side. We are with them day in and day out to challenge the lies of the enemy with the truth of God’s Word, as we build a foundation of Scriptural truth in their lives that will prepare them to face the onslaught awaiting them in the terrible times ahead.

While, as parents, our children’s education has always been our responsibility, we have continually failed to recognize the growing urgency of the situation. We have relied on the idea that we live in a “Christian nation,” and believed that the values being taught in our schools were the same as the values we held. At the very least, we thought that school was neutral ground—a place to learn letters and numbers, facts and figures—and the ideals and values would come from the home. But the world has changed. Our nation is “Christian” no longer. The schoolhouse is not motivated to turn out critical thinkers who search for truth, but compliant citizens who conform to the culture—and just a quick look around today shows they are doing their job well.

Some have noticed the problem and turned to private or Christian schools. But while these institutions may be somewhat better than public school, they do not offer true protection from the relentless indoctrination of the world. Most often, the teachers are themselves products of secular universities, and their thinking has been affected—subtly, or not-so-subtly—by the “experts” who seek to reshape our education system. Even where the teachers are not compromised, our children’s peers bring a steady stream of sinful images and opinions directly to them each day, polluting their minds and challenging our authority.

Now is the time to take back your children—to make the changes necessary to reclaim your rightful place in their lives. Perhaps you have considered homeschooling, but it seems like a giant leap—too difficult, or even impossible. Maybe you are a product of the broken school system, and you have no idea how to break out of that pattern. Please don’t let those fears and doubts hold you back! You don’t have to keep surrendering your children to strangers, hoping and praying that they will make it through unscathed. There are resources to help you educate your children from a biblical worldview, and to do it with great success. It might even be easier than you think.

The journey will require sacrifice. Your whole life may be turned upside down. But we can no longer afford to be unwilling to look for solutions, or to sacrifice our personal comfort, career, status, time, energy, and resources for the next generation. Is there anything more important we can do for our children? Their future—and the future of our nation—is in your hands.

Dedicate a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn aside from it.
–Proverbs 22:6 (MJLT)

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  1. Bella
    Bella says:

    This is so encouraging, thank you very much! I have decided to homeschool my son and continue to rely on the Lord Who has never let us down. I praise God for you, your family and Perfect Word Ministries! May God’s blessings continually amaze you and your progeny in the name of our Lord Yeshua!


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