Be Patient and Stabilize Your Hearts

Exploring the Book of Ya’aqov, Pt. 23

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Be patient, then, brothers, until the coming presence of the Master. Look! the farmer awaits the precious fruit of the earth, being patient for it until he receives rain —Yoreh uMalqosh. You al­so, be patient; stabilize your hearts, because the coming presence of the Master has drawn near. (יַעֲקֹב Ya’aqov 5:7-8, mjlt)

Anytime, God. In fact, right now would be good. It’s getting kind of hairy down here, and a bunch of us are starting to feel just a tad bit uneasy. Yep. Getting a little too close for comfort, if you know what I mean. So, what do you say, Master? How about you come back for us now? We are totally ready for you, I promise. Even if we have to stretch it to next Tuesday, I think that could still work for everybody, right fellas? Obviously, God, it’s up to you, and you probably know best and all, but seriously—and I mean this with all sincerity—this place is nuts! Get me out of here! Help! Help! Heeeelp!

As we near the end of all things, and the intensity of this mortal life continues to increase, it is understandable to feel that we’ve reached the point (or we’ve passed the point) that it’s time to go. It can make us antsy that Yeshua appears to be keeping us waiting, especially when it seems we are closer to the edge than humanity has ever been. Of course, it could just be our limited perspective. After all, they’re not throwing us to the lions… yet. But while we wait for the Master’s inevitable—albeit seemingly overdue—return, we have to look at it from His point of view.

Though it is reasonable to wonder just how much more we can possibly take, we need to keep in mind that we’re not the only ones waiting. It often appears to us as if Adonai is being “slow in regard to the promise” of Yeshua’s coming, though He is, in fact, “not slow” at all, but rather “is patient toward you” (2 Keifa 3:9). He is taking His time (from our perspective) not for some arbitrary reason, but for our collective soul. Indeed, though the gate leading to Life is narrow—and the road is tight, and few will ever find it—God nevertheless wishes none to be lost, but for all His creation to reform.

Yeshua will return, then, just as is promised… but not a second sooner than the moment He can wait for us no more. The presence of the Master will indeed come. So while we work and we wait, we must trust and believe and be patient.

Consider the farmer who plows his field and plants his seed, but then must wait for the rain—and then wait again for the earth to bear its fruit. What is the use of questioning the sky, or asking the ground to hurry up? Nothing in the farmer’s experience tells him that, as long as the elements cooperate, his crops will fail to yield a harvest. He therefore believes—he expects—his labors to bear fruit in the due course of time. He has no reason to doubt what has never let him down.

So too must we trust Yeshua to come and save us from this mess in His perfect time. Are we not laboring for God? Are we not plowing His fields and planting His seed? If we do not fail in these things, then all that is left is to wait for the rains. They will fall or be withheld according to the hand and will of God. But if we trust Him with our eternity, surely we can trust Him with our today.

Like the farmer, then, “be patient” and “stabilize your hearts.” Don’t allow the times to toss you about and break you down—to demoralize you and mislead you such that you doubt He will ever really come. Just remember that even as you wait for Him, He is waiting for us, and allow that truth to bring patience and stability to your heart.

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Whether in good times or in evil, our heart’s desire should always be Heavenward. So while we wait for the Master to retrieve us, we must keep doing His work no matter the cost—caring for people, raising our children, proclaiming the truth, fighting for what is right…. Be patient and stable in heart, and worry not for what is coming against us tomorrow. Trust Yeshua now with your today, “because the coming presence of the Master has drawn near.”

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  1. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    Bravo, as always, Kevin. Reminding us of Adonai’s deepest yearning and of our calling to keep working, ever hoping. Taking each extra day He gives us to be continually conforming to His image and walk in the works He has prepared- another chance for each of us to be the children who truly please Him.
    No matter what this insanity here, I pray to have the understanding of His wisdom and the courage to follow through. This is absolutely not the time to “shelter in place” in our bunkers, but to actively be ready at all times. Adonai, please strengthen me in boldness and help me keep my lamp lit.
    Thank you, Kevin, for your willingness, to use your God given talents and attentive ear to encourage, exhort, articulate, correct and give legs to each of our individual and corporate missions. You, so many times eloquently (and brilliantly) express where I am, when I was thinking I was all alone. Blessings.


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