In our open survey to website visitors, 240 people responded to the highly controversial and clearly “loaded” question, “Who should keep Torah?” The raw data results are as follows: No one (3%), Jews exclusively (2%), Jews primarily, along with the Gentiles who are called to sojourn with them, like Caleb, Rahab and Ruth (17%), Jews and any Gentiles who want to, regardless of their relationship with the (Messianic) Jewish community (20%), and all Jews and Gentiles (58%). Read more

books.jpgI am presently working on the the follow-up book in The Messianic Life Discipleship Series, “Growing the Fruit of the Spirit.” This new book, along with its complementary Facilitator’s Guide, is tentatively rescheduled for release in 2012.

I am also adding more works in the Preparing The Way “inPrint” Series, which features written versions of some of my teachings that are presently only available in recorded audio format.   The next book in the series is Giving Adonai His Due, a Messianic Jewish look at  living a lifestyle of Praise and Worship.  This title is in line for publishing also in 2012.

Also on the drawing board is my fourth devotional book, the Messianic Shabbat Devotional, though there is no publication date at this time.  On August 31, 2008, Perfect Word released my third devotional book, the Messianic Torah Devotional.

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 The Gentile Believer in a Jewish Movement:
       Discovering Your Identity and Calling in Relation to Messianic Jewish Believers

 Giving Adonai His Due: Living a Lifestyle of Praise and Worship

 Prepare the Way: The Prophetic Purpose of the Messianic Jewish Movement

Kevin Geoffrey on Jewish Voice with Jonathan BernisJanuary 20, 2009, Phoenix, AZ. Kevin appeared as a guest on Jewish Voice Today with Jonathan Bernis to give his testimony about how he came to faith in Yeshua, and to talk about discipleship and daily devotion to God.  Filmed before a live studio audience, the show originally aired the week of February 22, 2009. 

Watch the interview now!

Kevin Geoffrey ordination 2008

In an emotional service on March 15, 2008, Kevin Geoffrey was ordained by Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries as a Messianic Jewish Teacher.  The ordination followed Kevin’s 2006 licensing, which began the process of discipleship and confirming of God’s calling and ordination upon him as an Equipper of God’s people.  The uniqueness of this ordination was due to the fact that Kevin and Jonathan share a close, long-term friendship outside the world of ministry, such that Jonathan’s judging of Kevin’s character and calling was sufficiently thorough.

The ordination ceremony was witnessed by Congregation Baruch HaShem, which is led by Kevin’s close friend and partner in ministry, Tim Hyslip.  Among those participating in the laying on of hands were other Phoenix leaders in Jewish ministry who imparted prophetic words of encouragement and faith.  It was an especially moving experience that Kevin was humbled and grateful to share with the family and friends he loves, admires and cherishes.

Pictured above, Jonathan Bernis lays hands on Kevin.  At Kevin’s side is his soulmate and partner in life, his wife, Esther.

In July 2007, we took a trip back east to the annual Messiah Conference in Grantham, PA–the largest annual Messianic Jewish conference in the world.  This year, we had an exhibit in the cultural center to introduce the conference attendees to our ministry.  Pictured right, our helper, Simone, is explaining about our various resources, which are displayed on the table.

Pictured above, Kevin is the small figure at the center of the photo (click to enlarge).

messiahconference2007-03.jpg In addition to our exhibit, Kevin was invited to teach a message of vital importance to the health of the Messianic Jewish Movement, “The Gentile Believer in a Jewish Movement”.  The auditorum was packed as Kevin ministered to about four-hundred conference attendees.messiahconference2007-05.jpg

Finally, Kevin also led worship after the main evening service as well as played piano for the Saturday morning Torah service.  Pictured left, Kevin is at the piano praising Adonai with his friends Sue Samuel, Mark Dayan, and Matt Davis.

The Geoffreys: (L-R) Hosea (1), Isaac (8), Esther, Josiah (3) and Kevin.

The Geoffreys: (L-R) Hosea (1), Isaac (8), Esther, Josiah (3) and Kevin.

The Messianic Life: Being a Disciple of Messiah and it’s complementary Leader’s Guide, Perfect Word’s third and fourth books in 12 months, published June 21, 2007 and August 27, 2007, respectively.

The Messianic Daily Devotional, the first full-length book from Perfect Word Ministries, published August 7, 2006.